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tonic gel boost gel refill this boost boost gel based on guarana and magnesium has been designed to provide a boost of energy during difficult moments or fatigue that can occur during an intensive sports session running trailrunning cycling marathon triathlon this boost boost energy gel is composed of organic acacia honey guarana magnesium and grapefruit essential oil to provide you with a progressive energy throughout your effort guarana is a stimulant rich in caffeine that allows a better oxygenation of the muscles naturally eco responsible 250g refill glucose gluten free advantage of the energy gel boost boost acacia honey progressive energy guarana natural stimulant rich in caffeine magnesium helps muscle metabolism and its proper functioning grapefruit essential oil fruity taste advice for use to be consumed during your effort consume the equivalent of a boost gel every 45 minutes 1 hour drink one to two sips of water or energy drink after taking the gel fill your eco gel vial with the refill and take the vial directly to your sports activity

Marca: Meltonic

GTIN: 3760115096158

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