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the flyer and its ladies model flyer s are classically sprung saddles for long distance trekking and touring it is directly descending from the b66 champion first featured in the 1927 catalogue sharing the same leather tops of the b17 models they combine the comfort of these popular models with the extra suspension granted by two rear springs technical information length 242 mm width 176 mm heigtht 86 mm weight 800 gr material vegetable tan leather top steel frame with springs tubolar steel rivets made in england care information a new saddle should be trated with brooks proofide leather dressing to help assist the breaking in process proofide also helps to keep the leather supple as it is carefully formulated from special ingredients to condition preserve and shower proof your saddle brooks proofide is the only substance that should be used to take care of your saddle

Marca: Brooks England

GTIN: 8312730051842

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