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the compression sleeve booster elite has needed more than 2 years of study it brings 5 technical and scientific innovations concentred in 25 grammes of nextgen textile it couples the last innovations with a full of bv sport scientific studies specific pressures on calfs allow a fast elimination of toxins it limits the vibrations and the parasites oscillations it decreases the risk of pain prevents fatigue and muscular lesions it is the result of a specific manufacturing technique for exercise that combines intelligent material with medical and scientific validations worn exclusively during exercise the booster elite enhances performance and reduces the risk of injury the booster elite s action promotes the longitudinal action of the gemellus muscles and the soleus by reducing oscillatory motion and vibrations which cause fatigue and muscle injuries during exercise the selective compression bv sport patent effect of the booster elite improves venous return and promotes the oxygenation of the muscles tendons and ligaments thereby optimising performance when worn regularly the booster elite sleeve delays the heavy leg phenomenon and significantly reduces the risk of muscle injury and cramps

Marca: Bv Sport

GTIN: 3700615224965

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