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the sustainable biokork version of the gc1 grip developed for the ergonomic demands of cyclists riding city bikes beach crusiers or touring bikes with upright rearward swept handlebars using traditional round grips on these specific laid back handlebars causes an uncomfortable bend in the wrist the gc1 biokork corrects the wrist position through its anatomic and ergonomically correct form delivering exceptional comfort the grip body is made up of 40 cork which is sustainably grown in portugal and able to meet strict ecological guidelines the central core uses 20 less plastic and is reinforced with natural fibers all components of the grip are produced with regards to sustainability a forged aluminum clamp allows the grip to be adjusted for perfect fit can be easily readjusted and eliminates twisting once installed rohloff nexus xx1 single twist shifters right grip is shortened left grip is long

Marca: Ergon

GTIN: 4260477061317

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