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specially designed for the high performances organic hydrixir is the ideal energy drink during physical exertion more than its thirst quenching properties organic hydrixir provides an exceptional energy source even during intense physical activities its dual action energy one fast and one progressive enables you to maintain your sugar levels stable as well as provide a constant energy source for your muscles guaranteed without acidity its very mild sweet taste and the range of flavours available will help you avoid saturation and monotony for long lasting endurance events you can double the energy value of organic hydrixir with some extra measures of normal or organic malto organic hydrixir originates from organic agriculture and is naturally gluten free use organic hydrixir is instantly soluble in still water during physical exertion sip 5 to 10cl as regularly as possible ideally every 5 minutes from the start of the effort increase and extend the energy of organic hydrixir 1100 kcal for 2 flasks by adding organic malto organic hydrixir organic malto the strong combination for sustained and intense long lasting efforts drink bottle 600 ml organic hydrixir 3 measures organic malto 4 measures drink bottle 800 ml organic hydrixir 4 measures organic malto 5 measures mint ingredients dextrose 3 glucose syrup 3 natural mint flavouring 2 salt vitamin b1 thiamin made in a factory which uses nuts milk soya egg in accordance with regulations this product contains less than 20 mg kg of gluten 3 ingredients from organic farming

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