73 isobutane 25 propane 2 butane for maximum efficiency and minimal consumption our high performance propane isobutane allows use regardless of temperature and pressure en 417 standard compatible with other screw system stoves the gas that heats isobutane is a gas with a high calorific value it is he who ensures the supply of heat during combustion in addition to this function it maintains constant pressure and performance down to 12 c cold resistant gas propane can be used in very cold conditions down to 42 c it also ensures high pressure in the jetpower cartridge a key factor in performance filling gas butane has good heat input characteristics above 0 5 c although it freezes below this temperature it is often used in large quantities because it is inexpensive jetboil has chosen to use it in very small quantities in favor of isobutane to keep the performance of the stoves in the coldest conditions the 2 present in the jetpower is not enough to disrupt the efficiency even below 0 5 c all seasons use even in extreme conditions details gaz volume 230 g water boiled up to 24 l dimensions o 11 cm x 10 cm weight 380 g

Marca: Jetboil

GTIN: 858941006168

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