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discover the triathlon pack triathlon combines 3 pure endurance sports the practice of triple effort requires an optimal and healthy diet to achieve its objectives the volume and quality of training will determine your fitness and recovery capacity triathlon requires a very high energy expenditure our triathlon pack is an effective solution to exceed your objectives with high quality natural energy products the products in the meltonic triathlon pack will help you in the days before during and after the event before the effort 1 organic tonic chocolate chocolate chip honey cake gluten free very energetic good digestible during the effort 10 energy gels combined with organic honey essential oils without glucose syrup and gluten free guaranteed total antioxidant power naturally rich in fructose and moderate glycemic index ideal for running 2 boost gels 2 organic endurance gels 2 organic salt gels 2 antioxidant gels 2 gels coup de frais bio 1 antioxidant drink with royal jelly rich in vitamin c and source of magnesium and zinc for optimal hydration 8 bags of 20g that s 4l of drink 2 energy bars with honey fruit spelt organic royal jelly 1 organic almond grape bar 1 bar apricots pineapple banana after the effort 1 royal jelly tonic bio vegetable protein concentrate with organic pollen ideal for recovery this cure of 60 capsules 20 days helps to reduce fatigue thanks to the many vitamins trace elements of organic royal jelly take advantage of a vial offered with the triathlon pack for a more practical and ecological use of energy gels

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