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mrp ramp control cartridge rock shock model c the volume adjustment spacers used by competing brands change the shape of the air spring s curve throughout the entire travel range regardless of velocity aside from the slight change resulting from the volume of the cartridge itself the ramp control upgrade effects only the ending stoke spring curve as its damping effect is velocity dependent this portion of the curve represents intense sharp hits and big events like landing a sizable drop or plowing through a rock garden without ramp control your fork s behavior in these circumstances has been compromised by your desired feel elsewhere in the stroke with ramp control you can tune the general feel of your fork through its air pressure and damper settings and isolate big hit performance and bottom out with the ramp control adjustment details adds speed sensitive ending stroke control and bottom out force adjustability to compatible rock shox and fox forks just 55 g lighter than most air spring assemblies with more than two tokens isolate and tune bottom out with minimal changes to initial and mid stroke bring your tuning to the trail and out of the workshop easy installation requires little time and few tools no lower leg removal required ramp control cartridge model c rockshox 35mm recommended for 120 and 130mm 29 and 120mm 26 and 27 5 forks 2010 and newer boxxer world cup air sprung forks solo air models only

Marca: Mrp

GTIN: 702430172158

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