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for successful intense training or competition you should top up your energy levels before you start and refuel during exercise with carbohydrates performance smoothies are made of min 65 fruit purees and deliver c2max a scientifically developed 2 1 ratio of glucose and fructose sources they have a smooth natural taste are easy to swallow and fuel you like a powergel improved recipe more carbohydrates plus extra sodium gives you the same functionality as one powergel new flavour fruity fresh tasting apricot peach scientifically developed c2max dual source carb mix contain a 2 1 ratio of glucose and fructose sources ideal combination of the advantages of bars and gels easy to swallow without chewing higher satiety feeling than powergels with extra sodium the main electrolyte lost through sweat more than double the energy on average compared to usual fruit purees based on min 65 natural tasting fruit purees no added flavours colours or preservatives by law lactose and gluten free

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