the sea to summit alpha cookware started with the desire to create an extremely lightweight high quality cooking system without compromising on durability or functionality both the alpha pans and alpha pots are made of a high spec hard anodised premium alloy allowing them to be thinner and lighter but still extremely strong and durable a sandblasted base adds texture making them more stable on a camp stove pivoting on a single horizontal axis the pivot lock handle on the alpha pot this set contains 2 alphapot 1 2l and 2 7 l details easy flow strainer lid for efficient draining with every pot patent pending pivoting handle with safety lock for secure and easy operation with every pot alpha pots nest together with deltalight dinnerware and integrates with alpha pans for a complete camp kitchen solution lightweight hard anodised alloy easy flow strainer lid for efficient draining graded volumetric scale for easy measurement textured base for better stability on camping stoves silicone grip stainless steel pivot lock handle on every pot volume l 1 2 1 9 2 7 3 7 height cm 9 6 12 12 13 5 diameter cm 14 4 16 5 18 2 20 3 weight g 187 230 282 337

Marca: Sea To Summit

GTIN: 9327868080748

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