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innovative the x bionic twyce 4 0 short sleeve t shirt for men puts your body in the best conditions to improve your running performance the new 3d bionic sphere system includes thermosyphon technology to optimize thermoregulation through innovative sweat management excess perspiration is evacuated while a thin film remains in contact with your skin to improve the efficiency of the process and boost your muscle performance the twyce cool zone s y structures allow efficient sweat transport to the areas most conducive to evaporation and where cooling would be most effective and efficient thanks to aktiv bund technology the x bionic twyce 4 0 short sleeve t shirt stays in place under all circumstances you benefit from an ideal and necessary support without risking excessive compression key points of the x bionic twyce 4 0 short sleeve t shirt ideal for your long running sessions thermosyphon thermoregulation and optimized sweat management twyce cool zone effective wicking of perspiration retina process optimization through body mapping aktiv bund optimal fabric support aircomplex zone thermoregulation on the solar plexus air conditioning channel air circulation flex zone freedom of shoulder movement expansion ribs freedom of lateral movement ideo waistband flexible holding band sweat traps wicking away perspiration iso ribs insulation at the ribs iso shoulder insulation at the shoulders

Marca: X-bionic

GTIN: 7613418006774

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