Anti-aging medicine advances at the 15th Congress of the AMWC in Monaco

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The field of aesthetic medicine and, especially, the anti aging medicine are at one of its best moments. Although it may seem a priori that everything is already explained, it is not so much less.

With the passing of the years and the advancement of the technology applied to this type of medicine, new methods have emerged that through small interventions can achieve great changes, explains Dr. Josefina Vicario, specialist in applying the techniques of Tensioning 3DLIFT® And the latest generation of 3D-LIFT ® Hyaluronic Acid.

“Nowadays, thanks to the great amount of information we have, which have generated immense databases, we have been able to carry out analysis of the effects of medications, diseases, results and thousands of cases,” explained the doctor in The last circadian cycle applied to the antiaging medicine that was celebrated in the Madrid Clinic Aesthetic Vicar. “This enormous amount of data has managed to change theories, dosages and therapies,” he continues.

And is that now, it is practically possible to diagnose strange diseases only by doing questionnaires and introducing the analytical parameters ordered. One of the examples of the advances of antiaging medicine thanks to the big data is Thierry Hertoghe, a prestigious and renowned scholar of the discipline who has managed to increase both general and specific medical treatments with the use of programs such as Whatson from IBM, approved by the WHO.

The arrival of the big data has revolutionized both the antiaging medicine sector, which can only reach conclusions and medical guidelines that previously seemed unattainable. “Even so, it is possible that too much information has been generated,” explains Dr. Vicario, “almost 80% of this data can not be analyzed. The current scientific and medical system is not willing to absorb and process so many results, “he says.

XV World Congress of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine

This situation is addressed at the XV World Congress of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine at the Grimaldi Pavilion in Monaco which is celebrated this week until next April 8 and will be attended by renowned professionals such as Dr. Vicario, loyal follower of The Theories and Guidelines of Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, creator with Cristophe Luino of this great world event of Medicine and Surgery of well-being and Longevity.

The 15th Congress of the AMWC has become the most important scientific event of anti-aging matter. Its mission is to advance knowledge both in the aesthetic field, as personal care and anti-aging medicine, always with the most relevant professionals. In Congress, internationally renowned experts in cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and anti-aging medicine will present their programs.