BlaBlaCar wins the lawsuit filed by Confebus

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The resolution indicates that it is proven that BlaBlaCar activity is not subject to the land transport law: “BlaBlaCar carries out an activity other than that regulated by the LOTT”; “Without any doubt BlaBlaCar has generated a platform not to organize the transport, but to put in contact to individuals who want to make a trip together, and share certain expenses of the trip, and to give quality to the contact service has put some margins and some Limits and a format of action”. BlaBlaCar wants to state that:

We are fully satisfied with the rejection of the claim brought by Confebus against our platform and the final purpose of this long judicial process. This ruling supposes the categorical confirmation that BlaBlaCar is a social network that puts in contact to users who want to share the expenses inherent to a non-profit car journey.

BlaBlaCar is the leading platform for shared car travel, with presence all over Europe and in a total of 22 countries around the world, and its activity is encouraged by the governments of many of the countries around us. This decision is therefore consistent with the consideration that car sharing has throughout Europe and allows the more than 3.5 million users of BlaBlaCar in Spain to continue to share their travel.

The ruling leaves no room for doubt and coincides with BlaBlaCar’s arguments: its activity is characteristic of a social network, not a transport company. It also clarifies that the drivers of BlaBlaCar do not carry out a professional transport service, but the driver proposes a trip, which would perform equally with or without people with whom to share expenses, to which are added the users who wish to do the same journey.

Jaime Rodríguez from Santiago-Concha, Country Manager of BlaBlaCar Spain and Portugal, said: “We will never end up thanking the many samples of support received both by the users of our community and by different social agents throughout this judicial process, Finally finalized. All of them have understood that BlaBlaCar is a new way of traveling more affordable, more social and more sustainable, corresponding to a new mentality and is already a reality in Spain.


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