Diego Gallegos, Michelin Star Chef and pioneer in sustainable cuisine opens a new restaurant

Diego Gallegos
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On April 6th, ARARA opened its doors, a new concept of bistrobar restaurant promoted by Chef Michelin star Diego Gallegos. The new restaurant is the differential version of SOLLO, which has a Michelin star.

Diego Gallegos drives the restaurant with his team of the Reserva del Higuerón and is located in Fuengirola within the Double Tree Hotel by the Higuerón Reserve. The new bistro is named ARARA, a Brazilian bird, Diego Gallegos’ native country. Of its Brazilian origin and Peruvian ancestry obtains two of its main influences in the kitchen, with Asian touches by the oriental immigration in both countries. This together with the inspiration of his place of adoption: Malaga. The four influences are present in your kitchen and each dish that makes up the ARARA menu.

Diego Gallegos was born in 1985 in Campinas, Brazil. He arrived in Spain in 2002. He has formed among many others with Martín Berasategui, Dani García and Alex Atala. Since 2015 he has won the awards of Chef revelation in Madrid Fusión 2015, Estrella Michelin (November 25, 2015), Sol Repsol (December 2, 2015), Best Chef of 2016 (Gastronomic Academy of Malaga), Chef de Excelencia 2016

‘You are what you eat but you are also what you eat what you eat’

Diego has a own fish farm system next to SOLLO (its first restaurant) with more than 10,000 liters of water (totally natural) that allows it to generate half a ton of fish per month. The water is filtered and cleaned with a system of aquaponics that allows it to generate more than 1,500 plants. The project develops next to the Classroom of the Sea of ​​the University of Malaga. It is a totally sustainable project and free of any chemical, all 100% natural. A way also to recover species little appreciated gastronomically.

Diego Gallegos has become very little time in the pioneer of sustainable gastronomy and the circular economy, understanding that the resources that we have are limited and that we must value in each action how to make them sustainable. 95% of what you serve in your restaurant comes from your own culture.


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