Due Home: the growth of design furniture is supported by online sales

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The Due Home brand is not exactly a newcomer to the market, in fact it has been a growing number of years. Xavi and Estefanía are the visible face of the project and they have the inestimable baggage that means to belong to a saga composed by three generations of specialists in furniture

The success of Due Home has led it to beating its turnover records year after year. In 2016 they reached 7 million and forecasts for 2017 are even better: they estimate that they will reach the impressive amount of 10 million.

This growth in figures has brought new needs from the point of view of personnel and infrastructures. The team has grown to 11 members and offices have been small, and are now finalizing their move to a new ‘headquarters’ much broader and better prepared for the new challenges.

Due Home has been able to understand very well what is the new paradigm of online business and, not that they have undergone a digital transformation, is that they are a native digital commerce that arose thought directly for the Internet.

The website of Due Home in which they have been dumped since the beginning is an example of what is optimized at all levels, are concerned with having a solid software that supports the page, a very refined usability and a version adapted to mobile That helps them to exploit the next frontier of electronic commerce, what has been called mCommerce or mobile commerce.

But not everything is the web when we talk about the Internet, this Catalan brand has also seen the opportunity in different marketplaces and has entered some of the most important as Amazon, Ebay or Privalia. This strategy amplifies its scope and, logically, also its online conversion.

Another of the pillars on which success is based is online marketing. They work to attract traffic through the main platforms, a blog in which they provide inspirational, practical and enjoyable content without forgetting a very active and participative social network presence.

Due Home has shown that it can continue to succeed on the Internet as long as the product, the market and the public are known (and work hard). Surely this furniture store will continue to give a lot to talk about and to read.


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