Speed Queen, an international network of self-service laundries

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Speed ​​Queen is internationally recognized and stays above national distributors when it network extension: more than 70,000 laundries open on 5 continents. The same design and quality requirements apply to all Speed ​​Queen ‘s concept store: you can be sure to find the same quality of service, regardless of the country in which you are.

Although Speed ​​Queen is still a new player in Europe, the brand is an institution already established in the United States. Founded in 1908, the American brand has more than 1 century of experience in the manufacture of professional and domestic washing machines.

Machinery of an exclusive class

One of the main advantages of Speed ​​Queen is its equipment. Your high-end washers and dryers are designed to last and with reduced time cycles. Buyers are unanimous in this regard: Speed ​​Queen machines last longer than most. The washing machines are also designed to use less water and less energy.

To ensure continued innovation, Alliance Laundry Systems, the group that supports Speed ​​Queen in its international development, has opened a new R & D center in 2016.

To this day, Speed ​​Queen is the only brand that equips its self-service laundries with its own machines, where its competitors depend on suppliers and intermediaries.

Impeccable service

Speed ​​Queen guarantees the best possible user experience: a welcoming and modern design, unique in its class and impeccable service. The wash-dry cycles last about 1 hour, a record time equaled solely by the quality of its performance.

Laundry facilities can be found with the Speed ​​Queen Laundry Locator.