The bank, pioneer in virtual reality to boost the sale of real estate

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The most innovative bet among the agents of the housing market comes from the hand of Aliseda Inmobiliaria. The servicer, a reference and leader of sales in 2015, launches a campaign that includes the Virtual Decor in a selection of key properties. Without the need for 3D glasses or specific cameras, simply by moving the cursor the customer checks the current state of the house, and how it can be reformed and decorated. This technology that reveals the potential of housing is a consolidated sales tool in the United States that consists of applying virtual reality to the well-known Homestay.

Espaciodeco democratizes the virtual reality with a solution without 3D glasses or specific cameras, with a simple photo. The challenge of virtual reality applied to this market has been to achieve a massive, affordable, and effective solution. The realism in the virtual reforms that we saw until now depended on the “expertise” of the architect. It was a long process, not scalable exclusively to the builders and out of reach of the second hand sector. The solution is offered by Espaciodeco, startup of decoration of Intercom, with the Virtual Decoration. The cost is reduced by more than 50%, and the term is shortened to 7 working days.

This sales tool opens to the mass market of the second hand. In 2016, about 400,000 transactions of houses of this type were carried out in our country – Ministry of Development data. Free housing.

An effective selling tool

María José González-Barros, CEO of Espaciodeco comments “With an image of Virtual Decor the number of visits to the internet advertisement is multiplied by 3”. In this link are the testimonies of some agencies that have seen as floors that had been unnoticed for months Began to receive calls, after publishing the images in 3D.

The synergies between real estate, remodeling and decoration are evident. In USA Zilllow, Idealist or Fotocasa American already integrates this business in its portal. After the sale, 75% of the floors need to be renovated and decorated. Before the purchase, Espaciodeco shows how the floor would look and how much it would cost to remodel and decorate it, and after acquiring it, it recommends work and decoration professionals on line and off line. In addition the virtual images include information about the suggested products, price, shop that sells it and link for online purchase.

Internet gains prominence as a means of selling floors and Espaciodeco – an expert in decoration and innovation – offers tools that accelerate sales.

About us
The equipment of Espaciodeco comes from the – Niumba, the holiday rental website acquired by Tripadvisor in 2013. Espaciodeco is the leading national portal in decoration, homestay and virtual decoration. It is the meeting point between interior designers, amateurs and real estate consultants. It is a startup of Intercom, shuttle of portals as Infojobs, – Niumba