The Supertics method, dedicated to online school reinforcement, begins its franchise expansion

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The online method of school reinforcement SUPERTICS is one of the most complete and most projected methods in primary education in Spain.

With a long experience and more than 300 schools that support its excellent results, it begins its franchise expansion with the aim of being a reference in the education sector and being able to extend the methodology to all corners of the Spanish geography.

Its program focuses on three cross-curricular subjects: reading comprehension, mathematics and English, as basic elements to establish a good future formation. It has been shown that 94% of children improve their school results.

It has several programs and activities that adapt to the learning pace of each child making it progress whatever its level, always in a dynamic and fun.

SUPERTICS was born in Barcelona, ​​with a team focused on the educational sector that decides to implement a method of reinforcement and support for primary school children that brings together all the elements necessary for any child to improve their results and their self-esteem accordingly .

In addition to presenting an environment where the students feel fully motivated, it allows the monitoring by the teacher and the parents, who have a service of guidance and consultation of pedagogues.

The success and growth of this business model coincides with the strong interest on the part of parents and children in new technologies and adaptive methodologies that help their stimulation, which places SUPERTICS as one of the main alternatives to help traditional education In the short and medium term in Spain.

The SUPERTICS franchise

This revolutionary and fully tested method is put at the service of future franchisees, presenting a business model, in which it is not necessary to have a physical establishment, is easily managed and is also characterized by a growing demand, which help the security and the Success of the franchise.

Thanks to SUPERTICS, franchisees can benefit from the prestige of their image and brand, with a minimum cost structure that leads to greater profitability. The franchisees will have all the innovations carried out by the Department of R & D & I of SUPERTICS, in addition to a complete training by the Central.

Those interested in setting up a SUPERTICS franchise, must be enterprising, enthusiastic, with a capacity for communication and motivation towards children and with an interest in teaching, innovation and technology. It is not necessary to have experience in the sector in order to develop this business.

Finally, to highlight that SUPERTICS, only requires to start as an initial investment, the payment of an Entry Fee of € 7,500, which entitles you to a correct implementation and development in your area.