Tormo Franquicias and Mundo Spanish join forces to boost the internationalization of the Spanish franchise

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The consultant Tormo Franquicias and the business portal Mundo Spanish have concluded a collaboration agreement, whose axes are the impulse of the internationalization of Spanish franchises and the channeling of international investment among Spanish companies.

Thanks to this collaboration, exporting companies that are part of the Mundo Spanish network will receive advice on opportunities for international expansion through franchising, a form of commercial development that is widespread in large countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom and with a high potential for Growth in Spain. In addition, the companies affiliated to Tormo Franquicias will have a special promotion in the Mundo Spanish portal consisting of international promotion, prospecting in foreign markets and the search of international investors in a personalized way according to their activity, characteristics and countries of interest.

For the director of Tormo Franquicias, Eduardo Tormo, this agreement means “the opportunity for many companies to adopt the formula of franchise in its international expansion, and to be able to contact with multiple investors in different countries”. “The franchises of sectors such as fashion, restoration or beauty have led the internationalization of the Spanish company in the last five years,” said Beatriz Revilla, director of Mundo Spanish. A bigger growth in the next years thanks to the economic takeoff of our country and the irruption of new models of online franchise that will allow a faster expansion in the sector ecommerce.

Tormo Franquicias Consulting is one of the leading franchise consulting companies in our country. His team accumulates extensive experience after having participated in the creation and development of projects for more than 600 franchise companies, helping about 2,000 people to join franchise networks. Its services are oriented to all those companies that wish to start their franchise expansion, active franchisors and entrepreneurs and investors who wish to join a franchise network. He also has extensive experience in the international development of franchise networks having had a direct presence in different markets, such as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Italy and Portugal.

Mundo Spanish is the portal of Spanish businesses around the world and exporting companies, a platform that already has more than 2,000 companies in 101 countries and has an online community of 30,000 followers, which makes it a benchmark of internationalization Spanish. Its international online marketing services, B2B networking and outdoor prospecting are a unique model in Spain. Among the advantages of the network is its new Club of Services for Internationalization, where companies can access a panel of exclusive discounts for their export and internationalization activity.

The most represented markets in the Mundo Spanish business directory are the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands or the UAE (Dubai), while the predominant sectors are international trade (import & export), business consulting, , Gastronomy or tourism.


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