10 Tips for Buying and Selling Second Hand Goods Safely

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The sale of second hand goods through the internet is in a phase of constant growth. Since 2008, people who are looking for, buying and selling pre-owned objects in a free ads portal like Segundamano.es have doubled, and more than 10 million people use this portal every month. Segundamano is now Vibbo.

In this context, security is one of the decisive factors when buying and selling second-hand items online. It is important that users have the tools and knowledge to make sure their transactions are secure. For example, excessively cheap prices, mistranslated advertisements or phones that do not exist can be cause for alarm.

For this reason, the team of experts in security and quality of Segundamano.es launches the ‘Manual of safe sale of second hand articles on the internet’, a guide of 10 tips to be taken into account between buyers and sellers to make transactions safely , Easy and close.

“This initiative is another example of our commitment to promoting responsible consumption, such as that allowed by the second-hand market, through increasingly innovative and secure platforms. This is the main axis of Segundamano.es and therefore we dedicate a great amount of resources to guarantee the security and quality of our web with the objective of offering the best experience to our more than 10 million users “, explains Beatriz Toribio, Responsible Of Studies of Segundamano.es.

Manual of safe sale of articles of second hand by Internet

1. In-person transactions are always the best option. It is advisable to make the payment or the payment in person and have the opportunity to see the product before purchasing it.

2. Before making any purchase, you can verify that the advertiser’s data is true. It is advisable to check that the phone is correct and that the provinces and towns agree. We must be wary of those who, for any excuse, can not talk on the phone as well as numbers or e-mail addresses coming from abroad.

3. Ads with extremely low prices and buyers offering more than the amount requested can be cause for mistrust.

4. If the ad is not in your country is poorly worded and uses infrequent words may be another reason for suspicion.

5. Doubt buyers and sellers who only accept transfers as payment.

6. If the transaction can not be performed in person, the best option is to make it on a refund. Sellers will only have to assume the cost of the shipment and buyers will be able to see the object before carrying out the transaction (as long as the seller has authorized it expressly indicating it in the shipment)

7. Never pay in advance. It is preferable not to send money as input, signal, warranty, shipping costs or for any other reason.

8. Do not accept checks issued by a bank if they come from abroad or send or receive money through Western Union, Money Gram or other similar types of payment. These companies can not guarantee transactions with strangers.

9. In case of any irregularity, you must contact the website quickly so that they can detect the problem.

10. Do not take into account emails that supplant the identity of the portal asking for access codes or money. Segundamano.es does not intervene in transactions between users.


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