5 Italian cheeses almost perfect

En Italia hay alrededor de 450 tipos de queso y, al igual que ocurre en España, cualquier región tiene su variedad característica.

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From the gorgonzola to the burrata, Italian cheeses are ideal in gastronomy as they are able to combine perfectly with innumerable ingredients, it is not necessary to taste them only as dessert or aperitif and they are integrated in many recipes of the Italian gastronomy. We tell you what makes them so special, how they are and the keys to their success at the hand of Blessed Madness Coffee & Dreams, in whose letter we can find a good variety of them.

In Italy there are about 450 types of cheese and, like in Spain, any region has its characteristic variety. Many of them are known to perfection as the parmigiano or the mozzarella, but others are a little more unknown despite being protagonists of many of the new dishes of contemporary gastronomy.

From the intensity of parmesan to the sediment of provolone

With such a variety of cheeses it is practically impossible not to find one that we like. They are intense, hard and of potent taste like the parmigiano; Aromatic, strong, with a slight sweet touch and another spicy like the gorgonzola; Creamy and soft like the provolone; And the burrata, buttery and soft, with a very particular appearance and flavor.

Gorgonzola cheese, like the famous roquefort, is made from cow’s milk fermented with a mushroom which makes it mature very quickly and soon acquires an intense aroma and that characteristic green color. In spite of it, it is very creamy, a bit sweet and certainly spicy. It is used to prepare pasta sauces, but it is also a must in the tables, especially the heavier varieties.

In Blessed Folly they add it to an apple salad, crisp bacon and walnuts, seasoned with mustard and orange vinaigrette, since “the gorgonzola perfectly fits with the bitter point of nuts and the freshness of the apple. A perfect dish for autumn, when the nuts are at their best, “we are told.

Another of the strong and spicy cheeses, perhaps the best known of all, is the Parmigian. To obtain that dry texture of great consistency and the unmistakable flavor of this variety, we use cow’s milk and curd that is cooked over a low flame as tradition has commanded for almost 8 centuries. Its healing can last for three years and its pieces weigh not less than 30 kilos.

Usually used to scratch on pasta dishes, but in Bendita Locura we find it in splinters on their “Iberian tatine with figs and green shoots,” since their flavors contrast and enhance each other, achieving a perfect balance “, they affirm .


The provolone

A symbol of the countrys alpine country that was invented to celebrate its unification process. With a very fine and slightly smoky flavor, this cheese is distinguished by its ease of melting, so it is usually taken hot accompanied by bread, thanks to what has become a great entrant to share.

In Blessed Folly is served in an iron pan, accompanied by tomatoes and perfumed with white truffle oil. “White truffle is the most coveted ingredient of Italian cuisine and provolone a symbol of the country, together they work very well and serve as a tribute to one of the most celebrated gastronomies in the world,” they explain.


Almost last, the burrata. It is a creamy cheese, soft and very peculiar. It is a very modern variety dating back to the middle of the last century that emerged, like so many lucky recipes, from chance; Looking for a way to preserve the mozzarella. With a semisolid exterior and an almost liquid interior, it can be said that it is elaborated in two steps, first the interior and later the ‘bag’ that covers it.

It could be confused with mozzarella, although in reality they do not resemble so much the mozzarella is made with buffalo milk and the burrata with cow’s milk, although both combine very well with olive oil, tomato and aromatic herbs. In Bendita Locura the burrata is prepared with pear tomatitos in oil, arugula and pesto genovés, while with mozzarella they make a tatine of buffalo, dry tomato, black olive, canons and pesto rosso, a delight that moves us to Italy from the first bite .


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