5 mistakes you should not make to enjoy an appointment

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Worried about your next appointment? Staying with someone should always be fun and enjoyable, but sometimes we put so much pressure, that we make it a real test in which we ourselves are the hardest examiner. Avoid these errors in your next appointment and you will see how not only you spend much better, but also your companion.

1. Wear comfortable clothing

It is true that the first impression is important, and that is why it is not that you wear the tracksuit to be at home, but you should not allow too uncomfortable clothes to ruin your first date. • Excessively tight clothing, uncomfortable shoes (also applicable for them), clothes that although it is nice and you love, it causes discomfort, should not be an option. Keep in mind that on a first date the nerves will be higher, if you add a fiber shirt that starts to smell bad or shoes that hurt you, you will not be able to focus on the objective of your appointment, which is not another But to know the other person. Dress with correction, but without passing.

2. Do not pretend what you are not

In the long run lies are unsustainable and, most importantly, a lack of respect for the other person. If you do not want to explain something, say it clearly. It’s better than inventing a story that you will not remember after a few days when the subject comes up again. Lying generates a lot of stress and extra stress.

3. Do not be afraid to reject a plan that does not convince you

Nowadays, it is becoming more common to meet new people through websites like Flirt dating, which means that you have the opportunity to meet very different people. There will be people who have hobbies that do not go with you. If you never go to nature, a plan that contains an adventure sport may not be the best.

If for fear of rejecting a plan, you end up doing it, you may also spoil your companion’s day when, when the moment of truth arrives, you will not be able to get involved enough in the activity.

The ideal is to choose something that you can enjoy both. This does not mean that you should always refuse to try something new, but you can delay it until you have enough confidence with the other person.

4. Do not go with alcohol

Many people choose to drink a little to beat the nerves. The problem is that if you drink a little before the appointment and another bit during the appointment, there are many chances that those two will become a lot. That is why it is a practice that we do not recommend at all. Think that everything you do drinking alcohol you can do it without drinking, but being much more aware of what is right and what is not.

5. Do not worry too much about the impression that causes

Unless you know the other person very well, in which case we do not think you need to read this article, usually you will not know what kind of person your companion likes. Your personality may be perfect, but if you are continually worried about the impression you are going to make by doing this or that, you will end up transmitting insecurity. A very common mistake is to ask the other person how the appointment is going so far. Doing so only shows insecurity and you are not able to evaluate a situation by yourself.

In short, if having a date is an extra stress, there are two things to keep in mind:

1) You can not please everyone, assume it and do not self-evaluate all the time.

2) Do not add unnecessary stress with factors such as clothing, risky plans, etc. Having initiative can help you reduce stress by directing the appointment to situations in which you are well. Also, he thinks that what for you are mistakes, for others they may not be, so it makes no sense to worry about them. Show yourself as you are and let the relationship evolve normally. Forcing things, does not usually have good results in the long run.

Do not fall on the other end either. Overconfidence can lead you to not pay attention to the other person or not behave as politely as you should. To avoid this, maintain the right balance between naturalness and education.