7 Curious Cafes To Visit In Madrid

Cafeteria con la mesa de madera
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Madrid is a unique place that receives thousands of tourists every day. A charming city that does not leave indifferent to those who pass through each of its streets. Madrid tourism not only encompasses the historical places to visit such as the Royal Palace, the Retiro Park or the different museums such as the Prado or Reina Sofía, among others.

Madrid offers its tourists incredible places to take a break on your visit to the capital. If you are a coffee lover and want to know different cafés with charm and fit your style, in this post you can find 7 places that will suit your tastes and make your visit to Madrid a moment that you will not forget. In the streets of Madrid we can find a multitude of curious cafés that will make the Madrid tourist, enjoy a coffee, rest and integrate in the day to day life of any Madrid. In this post we will offer you the names and location of these cafes so you can know different places.

There is no better way to know the neighborhoods of Madrid than entering any of its cafes. These recommendations will help you to choose the one that best suits your style, because in the capital diversity exists and we are each unique.

The Garden Cafe

Our first recommendation is for those looking for a different outdoor space. The Garden Café located on Calle San Mateo is a charming place where you can rest after visiting the Museum of Romanticism and continue after your visit with an atmosphere of beauty and nostalgia. We recommend that you not only drink coffee, you can not go without trying one of the homemade cakes with a unique flavor. If you are looking for a day of peace, charm and transfer to another century this is your place.

Cafeteria [H] arina

The second place we are going to present is the cafeteria [H] arina. It is a small cafe located in La Plaza de la Independenciay and you can enjoy your coffee with a view of the magnificent Puerta de Alcalá. It is a minimalist cafe that bets on the bread and the bakery as companions of your coffee in the capital. It is a centrally located and highly recommended for those looking for a quality snack to accompany your coffee. It is a place of passage for those who visit the park of the Retirement and they wish to rest having a coffee and to recover forces to continue its visit by Madrid.

Lolina Vintage Coffee

This third recommendation is for those in love with the modern and vintage that can not miss the Lolina Vintage Café. This cafe offers a varied menu that can always be accompanied by a delicious carrot cake. It is located in the neighborhood of Malasaña and entering this site you can understand the background of this well known Madrid neighborhood. It is a unique place not only for its combination of colors but also because it will receive a very different treatment that makes this place a very welcoming place.

Hall of Fleurs

The fourth recommendation is for those looking for a different and cool place. The Salón des Fleurs is a cafeteria, florist and shop located in the Chamberí neighborhood. Its decoration is excellent and creates a Parisian atmosphere thanks to the flowers and its sophistication. In this place not only you can rest and have a coffee or tea, but you can buy flowers, books and even a set of dishes. A unique place that will surely leave you with very good taste.

Living in London

If you are a Londoner or have a nostalgia for London, this fifth recommendation is for you. You must know that in Madrid you can feel for a moment in any cafe in the British capital. The Living in London located on Calle Santa Engracia is a perfect place for those looking to travel to London at some point. The decoration and its products will make you forget for a moment that is in Madrid. It is a definitely unique and different place in the capital highly recommended for the British tourist to sit for a moment again in London.

Molar Coffee

The sixth recommendation is for those who wish to rest and sit and read a book while having coffee. Located in the neighborhood of La Latina the Café Molar is a library where you can spend a pleasant time having a coffee.The basement floor is reserved for temporary exhibitions and various activities such as storytelling. If you are looking for a cult Madrid this is your site. Also for those who like vinyl music can compare several vinyl records here. This cafeteria, bookstore, music store, showroom is a special place for different people who do not look for the ordinary.

Coffee Gijón

As a last recommendation and not the least important we recommend a historic cafe in Madrid. If you want to know the city and its culture and sit in the same place as Valle-Inclán, Buero Vallejo or Camilo José Cela do not hesitate to attend Café Gijón. This cafeteria is located in the main boulevard of Madrid


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