Great ideas for success in the animation of children’s parties

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The best way to ensure that children’s party animations are going to be a resounding success is to have professionals dedicated and dedicated to that end. Superanimaciones is a reference in our country in the sector of children’s entertainers. Professionalism, competence and safety are the basis of every event in which they have participated.

They know that managing children’s parties is a matter that requires several weeks of organization, especially if what is sought is to create a magical memory for all present and, above all, for the children. Therefore, the ideal is to carry out the hiring of the company at least two months in advance in order to specify budgets, details and dates.

But getting into the matter: here is a selection of the best ideas for the best animation of children’s parties.

The children’s games

They are an essential part of any children’s party and, therefore, the animation of it. Proposing dynamic and fun games is not easy because they must respond to the ages of the guests. We leave you a selection of the most exciting games.

Catch the flag: It is perfect almost for any age, especially for older children. To make this game you need a more or less large group and a large space. Children are divided into two teams and given an area as territory. At some point far from the other side of the territory a cloth is attached, so that each team has its own flag. The objective of each group is to recover the flag that protect the opposing team in their field. When they cross the enemy’s field, they can catch their opponents and put them in jail, from which they can not leave until another comrade rescues them by reaching them without being caught. The team that wins the flag of the other will win and take it to the field without being stopped.

Sack races: A classic among the classics that can be used with just a little space. To do it will only require large garbage bags or, put to do well, some sacks of potatoes. The races can be organized as relays or individual.

The handkerchief: Two teams are made and each member is assigned a number that another child of the other team will also have. An adult is placed in the middle holding a handkerchief (serves any type of cloth) and goes telling the numbers in turns. Those who match those figures, will run to get the handkerchief and return to the line of his team. Of course, they must do it without the opponent catching them, because once the handkerchief is taken the confrontation becomes a pilla pilla.

The search engine: It is a fantastic game for the little ones. Cut out cards and give them shapes of whatever. If, in addition, different colors are added, they will be able to assign scores to those colors and, consequently, to award different prizes. They hide the cards or figurines by the house, the garden or where it is convenient and encouraged to look.

Giant Oca and Parcheesi: It is the favorite game of children and they are put into practice in Superanimaciones. It is possible to say that there are few times in which the adults are encouraged to accompany the little ones in the game, which makes the game tempo even more exciting. The usual games in giant size.

The decoration

The decoration is another indispensable element to encourage the animation. In fact, it is a much more important aspect of what you can imagine at the beginning and is that thanks to the decoration the guests will be able to feel inside the party atmosphere more easily.

Balloons, garlands, posters and, in the event that it is a theme party, all kinds of components can be used to indicate the theme of the event. For example, supposing that it is the Star Wars saga, you could put tablecloths from the movies, glasses with drawings of it, a piñata from the Millennium Falcon …

If one chooses to make the decoration ourselves they will be able to reduce many costs. In addition, if you include in the manual process our children will be gaining time with them while developing their creativity and their manual skills.

The costumes

Fantasy costumes and makeup are basic ingredients for a triumphant children’s party and in Superanimaciones they know it.

When children disguise themselves or make-up on a character or animal, it contributes to the development of creativity, imagination, expression and even self-esteem. And that playing with costumes creates a fantasy world that is really healthy for the little ones and serves for them to express themselves more freely. Make-ups and costumes help parents find out what their children think of as they make the character from which their mirror is disguised.