Ideas for communions to take a special look

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The ‘do it yourself‘ fashion is becoming more and more important. Through it, which can also be called do it yourself, people are encouraged to create their own crafts and even go a step further and manufacture their furniture. Communion is a special moment for families, in which the special and unique character of a gift becomes essential to show appreciation.

Thus handing the gift to the child, the decoration of the event and even small details for the guests, you can get the communion to acquire a special and magical air, which makes all the attendants smile.

The Gift: Personalized Photo Album

With the return of the nineties, photo albums take on a new dimension. This time, they do not only contain photographs, but also decorate with glimpses, drawings and writings in order to explain a story. For this, in the case of a communion, it is especially appropriate to make an album of photographs that explains the life of the child who celebrates his communion.

How to do it? To begin with, you only need a basic album that will be filled, in a first moment of the photographs in question, that will be sorted in chronological order. Then the time will come to decorate. For this, they will be useful markers suitable for all surfaces, papers with different textures and even newspaper clippings.

The children’s table

In case there is a meal to celebrate communion, it is important that children can be kept distracted and also enjoy the holiday. For this, a good idea is to convert the tablecloth into a canvas so that the children can paint.

How to do it? The first step is going to be to find a paper tablecloth. Then, on the tablecloth, with a thick black marker, various frames will be drawn on the table, in which the children will be able to draw. You can also indicate the location of the markers, pencils and colors, which will be deposited in their pens for children to paint while they are at the table.

Napkin holders with guest names

In any celebration it is extremely important to tell the guests where they have to sit, to speed up the entrance to the room where the food is celebrated and avoid delays. As communions are no less, it may be useful to make cards with the names of the guests to indicate their seats. In this case, if they also perform the serviilletero function, they will be a beautiful memory of the communion.

How to do it? First of all, white card cards will be needed, in which the name of the guest will be written with a metallic ink marker. A photo of the guest in card size will then be printed. Then the right corner of both the photo and the card will be drilled with a drill. Finally, a ribbon will be passed through the holes and the card will be tied around the napkin as a napkin.

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