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A year ago we traveled to Hollywood to get a first-hand experience of the magic of the cinema mecca. We share with you our visit to Warner Studios in Los Angeles, where we discover the secrets of cinema and television series in his hometown. But this time it was Hollywood who came to us.

Undoubtedly, fascinated by the environment and the unique climate, all this coupled with the quality that the Lopesan Group offers its customers.

An international cast

A project that has the best hotel group and the best island, could only add the best actors: Shirley Maclaine, Jessica Lange, Demi Moore and Billy Connolly, in addition to national cast, as Santiago Segura and Tony Acosta. All these ingredients have resulted in the film “Like Queens”, in its original version “Wild Oats”.

The production will be released in Gran Canaria this Friday, November 18, in theaters of the El Muelle Shopping Center, the Atlántico Vecindario Shopping Center, Las Arenas Shopping Center and Monopol cinemas. This film has created a great expectation among the inhabitants of the island, due to the international projection it offers to it and on this occasion, and as it deserves, as a destination of luxury.

The filming

It took place during two months of the summer of 2014. The hotel became a film set for numerous scenes that took place in the Presidential Suite, the Ambassador Restaurant, the Arenal Bar, reception and entrance, various courtyards and squares that now You will see them recognized in different scenes of the film. Although she had been the muse of photographers and filmmakers on several occasions, it was because of this production that the Lopesan Costa Meloneras hotel was named by the movie industry as a “movie hotel”, being the first hotel in the Canaries to host a large Production in its facilities, hosted a crew of filming formed by hundreds of people and to the cast of actors of Hollywood, at the same time that served as scene occupying one of the protagonists roles of this comedy.

But in addition to the hotel, various points of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria were selected as locations for different scenes such as the streets of the historic district of Vegueta, La Casa de Colón, San Antonio Abad Hermitage, Literary Cabinet or Maspalomas Beach.

Choosing Lopesan Costa Meloneras was simple for Andy Tennant and Nicolas Veinberg, the director and producer of the film. Its elegant palace-like structure and its colonial architecture, as well as its extensive tropical gardens, its Infinity Pool and its Royal Suite, where several scenes of the film are developed, perfectly adapted to the setting described in the script.

Opinions of the protagonists

“I really like Lopesan, you can call it an indirect advertisement, but the truth is that a lot of the movie unfolds in this hotel because the protagonist has inherited the fifty million and can stay in it, since it costs quite to stay here,” Shirley Maclaine .

Poster As Queens – Wild Oats. Single Now rich. Forever Young. Film by Shirley Maclaine, Jessica Lange and Demi Moore shot in Gran Canarias at the Lopesan Costa Meloneras hotel.
Cartel As Queens – Wild Oats
“I think they could not have been more generous in their help and in making us feel comfortable, attending to our needs bearing in mind that this is a different experience for them, that is, having a movie in their hotel and all their equipment that comes and changes The nature of things and the day to day.Every member of the hotel I dealt with were always lovely and were very happy to have us here.And that is something that makes the difference when you are away from home, your beings Dear ones and your pets, “Demi Moore.

“The Lopesan hotel is absolutely beautiful, and the staff who work there have been great in front of the movie and the team … There are so many activities to do, all the pools, amenities and things to see … It has been really fantastic and it is Very easy to shoot here because all around seems like shooting stage, the exteriors of the pool, which is beautiful.You can not build a pool like that on a set of filming in Hollywood.You could not build many of the environments because no one would believe that You can have something so beautiful. “, Jay Hayden.

The film has had the participation of national actors such as Santiago Segura. We had the opportunity to interview him in a video report during the filming of Torrente 5, which has stated that “The Lopesan Costa Meloneras is a simply spectacular hotel” and undoubtedly fell short.


A widowed lady, played by actress Shirley Maclaine, after having mistakenly received a millionaire policy, decides to travel to Gran Canaria with a friend, whose role is embodied by Jessica Lange, to fulfill the dream of her life looking for a luxury destination. Housed in the


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