The importance of breathing in cycling

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The importance of breathing in cycling is because the oxygen that is inhaled allows the muscles to release all the tension retained and relax, thus, having a better oxygen supply, will increase the functionality of the body, This form a greater physical resistance when it comes to cycling and an improvement of mental concentration.

By controlling your breathing when it comes to doing a sport such as cycling, not only will these benefits be provided, but it will also reduce the body’s blood pressure, as the blood vessels dilate when breathing properly.

For this reason, if what you are looking for is a sporting success, it is imperative to learn to control your breathing in order to enjoy these benefits. For this, there are different techniques and tips that can be carried out before cycling or other activities are practiced.

Before you begin, you can take some steps like finding a relaxed place where you can breathe for 10 minutes deep. It is very important that the abdominal breathing is strengthened, that is, trying to work the diaphragm, thus facilitating the work of the thoracic musculature.

When it comes time to take a break, you can not take advantage to lower your guard, as it is just as important to breathe properly while playing sports as when you are resting. For this reason, the ideal thing in the breaks is to maintain the same breathing rate and to realize very deep breaths.

But without a doubt, if you want a better sports performance, a nasal dilator is the number one solution, because thanks to it the lungs will get 30% more air, this will decrease fatigue and, at the same time, To end, recovery occurs more quickly.

Respirfix is ​​a company that manufactures these reusable nasal dilators, with which, thanks to a very simple procedure, it keeps the nostrils open, thus improving the oxygenation, which is what we are looking for.

In addition to helping to practice cycling in a healthier, legal, natural and professional way, obtaining better results, you will also have the satisfaction that the goals have been achieved by yourself, without the need to use other elements that are considered doping, Such as nasal drops that help open the nostrils.


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