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If something is synonymous Los Angeles is a movie. And is that Hollywood, mecca of sector, is in in this Californian city, cradle of the cinematographic industry and that from its dawns has been the heart of the same internationally. Thus, the famous poster, which at the beginning prayed Hollywoodland, announcing an urbanization for commercialization, became the graphic representation of cinema for the entire world. The good weather of the city, investors and visionary entrepreneurs, has undoubtedly been factors that have made this city the ideal place to be the protagonist of thousands of shoots and to see how its streets are filled with studies and companies attached to the Sector, which have developed thanks to the films and television series produced there. Of the different studies that houses the city, we have selected one that undoubtedly is of the most emblematic, that of the Warner Bros.

And we all have recorded in our retina the seconds before the beginning of any film of this company, in which we see the ships that form the studies, hondeando to give way to the shield of Warner Bros. Picture. Those same are the sets we have visited.

Warner Bros. offers an unforgettable visit that allows you to know the bowels of the world of cinema, from the open sets where movies like The Mask or Spiderman have been filmed, to current series like Shameless, Pretty Little Liars or True Blood, besides being able to see workshops Work in the caravans where the actors rest, sit on the set of the popular series Friends, specifically in the famous cafeteria of the Central Perk series, we can visit a sound recording studio and know their secrets, with Examples, like the soundtrack of Gravity, among many other activities, we can hold in our hand a real Oscar, and you can see that it is heavier than it seems.

During our visit we will discover a multitude of curiosities. Has the famous water tank always been in the same place? How important is carbon fiber in studies? How long does it take to shoot a chapter in a series? How do you change the vegetation of a tree when you want to shoot in a different year scene? Why did they choose to set up a village in the far west or a current urbanization? These are a few of the questions that will be answered during the tour.

We started the visit to Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood

The visit begins in an annexe building, opposite the parking lot, where you will find two bronze statues of Bugs Bunny and the Lucas Duck (Daffy Duck). In the hall of the building we deliver our entrance and wait in sofas to call us to start the tour in our language. The first thing we will see will be a short film with the history of the studio and from there we will climb in a vehicle with which we will carry out the entire tour.

Bob, our guide

If the Warner tour in Spanish has a name of its own that is definitely Bob. The example of someone who enjoys their work and who loves to share it with others, living every moment and making the visitors live it. Whether it’s shooting scenes from movies and television series, commercials, dancing or imitating Jim Carrey, Michael Jackson or the up-and-coming Spiderman himself, he’ll do everything in his power to turn the tour into a unique experience for the visitor. It is more than justified the fact that it receives innumerable positive mentions on TripAdvisor for its professionalism and its way of being. We have found this video of other visitors on Youtube where it is clear the genius of Bob when it comes to transmit the magic of the studio to tourists, this is an example, although the video does not have much quality and Bob does the tour in English.

The jungle and the village

They are two very important places in the visit. Thanks to the weather, the park enjoys a green area that serves as an environment for a multitude of jungle scenes, from outside of town and even, with a pond can shoot water, as if they were in rivers, suffering floods or any other mishap water. These parts of the studies are rented to other companies, as was the case of the film Jurassic Park. The studio responsible for this production could not complete filming due to inclement weather and had to move from Hawaii to Los Angeles and shoot the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex chase scene in the jungles of Warner Bros. Studios. Resulting in miles of chase screen. Here is an example of multiple use that is given to these facilities and is the case of a building used as a Merlotte’s grill for the True Blood vampire series and also used, with another decoration in the series Pretty Little Liars as a resort :

Visitamos el exterior de la selva de True Blood y de Pequeñas Mentirosas - Warner Bros. Studio Tours

The town itself is a complete city, streets, houses, parks, church, college … you have everything you need to shoot what you need at any time without leaving the studies of the Warner. And best of all is that if something is needed and they do not have it, they manufacture it right there. A giant workshop has a legion of workers who create everything from the smallest object to the largest building. Authentic artists who provide everything necessary to make the magic of cinema a reality. And all with the help of fiberglass as an ally.

Again in the village we find the same situation as in the jungle, locations used by different series, in this case is the bar The Alibi Room, known by the followers of the series Shameless, where its protagonist usually spend a good part of the seasons And at the same time is a pizzeria in front of which usually walk the protagonists of Pretty Little Liars in a habitual way:

Visitamos el exterior de la calle de Shameless y de Pequeñas Mentirosas - Warner Bros. Studio Tours

During this stage of the tour we explain, in addition to how they perform the change of season in the leaves of the trees, what are the different options to provide a snow scene, as in the case of Shameless photography. Speaking of this series I would like to add that during the visit we spent with the caravans of the cast, with the name of the protagonists of the series at the door of each one, for example, Fiona Gallagher, personage that gives life to the actress Emmy Rossum. All the streets have details of the series, like a golf cart, used by studio staff to move, and painted pink, with the Pretty Little Liars logo and its inseparable “A”.

The Batman and Harry Potter Museum

The tour includes a visit to the “garage” of Batman. Where we will see all the batmobile he has had throughout his numerous films, along with other vehicles, such as the batmoto. We will even have (and can use) the batseñal, with which we can illuminate the ceiling with the famous bat as if we were in Gotham asking for help. Then we will go to another museum where they show us all the costumes and complements of the Batman movies, on the ground floor and Harry Potter at the top, with all sorts of characters (elves, spiders, keepers, etc.) Wands, books and many more, which makes this part of the museum a must for any fan of the magician’s films, as you can also know, thanks to the Selector Hat, which house of four Hogwarts belongs.

Stage 48

The different ships that make up the studies are denominated in English stages. In its interior we can find shooting sets or workshops. There is one in particular, the 48, which offers a series of unique experiences to the visitor. From the inside we will move freely, without guidance and dedicating the time we want in each part. Here we can find from costume films such as Sweeney Todd, the Man of Steel, or the Great Gatsby. Elements of animation like those used in cartoons or films like The Bride Cadaver. We will find the famous Central Perk, Friends café and multiple chapters scene, where the Warner staff will kindly do a few pictures with our camera for our memory. Next we will feel like a Lord of the Rings hobbit thanks to the effect of forced perspective, which the guide will explain during the tour and where, by playing with the size of the objects and their position, you get as a result disproportionate sizes in the screen.

In an adjoining room we can experience first hand the use of a green screen and we can record a video (at an additional cost) flying in the Harry Potter broom, driving on the Batman motorcycle or in a space capsule.

Pelea en el callejón - Warner Bros. Studio Tours

Then we will know firsthand and in an adapted room, as sound and soundtrack are added to a movie. In our visit they used as an example a scene of Gravity, that obtained the Oscar by the edition of sound and that was a challenge to be a film in the space where the sound without contact is an obstacle. We were able to see the different parts that make up the audio (voice, effects, soundtrack), how they are assembled and how sound travels through the cinema room thanks to a representation on a screen of the sound and its location in each moment that is played .

Then we had the unique opportunity to have in our hands one of the coveted statuettes, an authentic Oscar. You feel like seconds before, in the Dolby Theater and as if you were one more star, someone will say “and the Oscar go to …” and your name. You will be asked to hold it in a specific way with both hands, to avoid scares, and that the hand that makes contact with the statue does not wear a ring to avoid damaging it. It is clear that we had something valuable on hand.

The cafeteria, Central Perk, where to resume forces with a good cup of coffee and something to eat will be the previous step to the merchandising store, the last part of the tour, where we can buy all kinds of souvenirs, from Harry Potter wands to shirts, Keychains, pens, magnets from television series, movies and shows as well as generic material on Warner Bros. studios.

Can we meet famous actors during the tour?

In fact, we are in your workplace, so we will see the maintenance staff, security and of course, the actors who pass through the streets at that time. Kindly our guide asked us not to disturb the possible actors that we could find during our tour, as well as not to shout or ask for autographs. We must remember that we are touring, while they are in their work day, however special and magical their work seems to us. During our visit, passing the stage where they play “The Big Band Theory” was coming out of their luxury car one of the actors of the popular series and entering the set.

Here we have a video where the popular presented Ellen DeGeneres “kidnaps” a vehicle, those used in the tour, with visitors to go from his office to his stage. Anything is possible during your visit to Warner Bros. Studios.

How to buy tickets and how much do they cost?

It is best to do it online and in time, to make sure we have the tour in the language we want and the day and time that interests us. The home page of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour of Hollywood is this. You should be sure to go to this page and not to London, as the Warner has facilities in this city and also offers tours to visitors. The tour we did was the Studio Tour and as you can see is extremely complete, the price per person is 62 dollars. There is a more complete tour, Deluxe Tour, but its price is 295 dollars per person.

It also gives us the option to buy gift tickets if we want another person to enjoy the experience, something ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions.

Where to stay to visit Warner Bros. Studio?

For our accommodation we chose The Tangerine Hotel, with a classic exterior road motel design, hides a retro, well maintained and good value hotel. One of the strong points of this hotel is that it is next to the Warner Studios, just a 10 minute walk, so we can leave the car in your free parking and enjoy the visit during the morning without worrying about the Traffic and parking in Los Angeles, although the park has its own parking lot. It has an excellent cafe in front of the hotel, Novo Café, where we can have the typical American pancakes, large and in quantity, to gather strength for our visit.

Warner Studio Bros. Tour Facts
Address: 3400 W. Riverside Dr., Burbank, CA 91505
Phone number: +1 877-492-8687


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