Have you had a traffic accident? What should you do?

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As all first aid protocols indicate, when we encounter a traffic accident or are part of it, we must protect the place of the incident, to avoid a new one, safety comes first, alert the emergency services, the appropriate Is to call 112, so that they assist the victims as soon as possible and finally help the injured, to the extent of their possibilities, this requirement is regulated both in the General Circulation Regulations, and in the Penal Code.

It is very important to collect all the data related to the incident that can be proven guilty, if the Security Forces act and request all data that can facilitate, if they do not intervene, to complete a friendly declaration of the accident being signed by all parties Intervening. Take data of the direct witnesses of the accident, as well as photographs of the vehicles and the place of the accident, for later reconstruction.

In case of injuries, go to the Emergency Department of the nearest Hospital for correct diagnosis and treatment. It is very important to go in the first 72 hours, otherwise the insurer will reject the claim for the interruption of the causal link and no causal relationship between the injuries suffered and the accident.

Go to a medical center that has a UNESPA Convention for the treatment of injuries.

Collect all medical reports and invoices that justify transportation, parking, medical, property damage or any other costs incurred as a result of the accident, in order to make the claim to the insurance company.

Before closing an agreement with the insurance companies, consult a specialized lawyer. The insurance companies will make you an offer that is much lower than the one you are entitled to, and will condition you to waive your civil or criminal actions, ie if you sign, you will not be able to claim the corresponding compensation. It is important to be advised by a Traffic Accident Lawyer who will inform you of the procedures to be followed in order to obtain the maximum compensation to which you are entitled and not waive it. In most cases you will be charged a small percentage of the compensation, which will be returned to you by your insurance company.

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