14 tips to make a website more attractive

Diseño de una página web
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But how to make a web more attractive? Here are 14 recommendations that will avoid all problems:

More photography, less text

We must try to get to the point. Nobody wants to spend hours and hours reading a web content. Moreover, it is more than clear that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Come to the point

You do not have to add content to the web that does not contribute any value, Internet users will appreciate that the most important of the website as services or products are put on a tray, and that literature is saved that is only valid to fill content and that Do not bring anything. In addition, this will also improve the conversion.

Use light colors

Black went out of style. It is proven that current users like pages with clear backgrounds. Building a palette of nice colors so that Internet users feel at ease on the site is a good choice.
Show the team: making the people behind an organization public increases the confidence generated. It is also pertinent to place a brief curriculum summary and the position of each member of the company.

Visible contact

It is not unusual to enter a website where it is very difficult to locate your contact information and location. This normally generates mistrust, gives a feeling of being hidden. In a web should highlight that aspect and its easy location.

Do not neglect responsive design

It is no longer a luxury but an obligation that the web is fully adapted to all types of mobile devices.

Goodbye flash

There are multiple reasons why you should let flash websites, you have to discard it. Google does not like it and for that reason should be avoided.

Load speed

If a webpage is not able to load quickly, maximum 3 seconds, there is a risk that potential customers will go web because of the slowness of this to show the content, it is very important to optimize it in this regard.

Friendly URLs

Forget about long URLs and hundreds of numbers. Optimizing them with the name of each of the internal pages and sections is the best option.

Online store

It has to be opened to the world and not limited to local customers. Thanks to the goodness of the Internet you can accumulate customers from any country, no matter how far you are.


It is important to add a video on the web page, with it will be able to engage the user and the content will be much more enjoyable. Everyone prefers to be taught a presentation before reading a comprehensive description.

Social networks

Include buttons to share and comment on social profiles. The networks to be used must go hand in hand with the consonance of the network.


Content is the king of web positioning. Talk about products and services, promotions and relevant information. The more updates you have, the more visitors you’ll get.

Photos of installations

Potential clients who enter the website will give them greater confidence to know that the web they are visiting is not only virtual, but also made of bricks and cement, that there is something behind that great virtual image.

An attractive website is the best presentation letter that a company can have today, both to retain its customers and to get more customers. It is very important not to neglect the page and be accompanied by a good marketing strategy for content and social networks. If all these aspects are fulfilled you will achieve an organic position and sustainable in time.