AKKA Technologies España accelerates its growth in 2016 with more than 23 million euros in turnover

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AKKA Spain managed to double its turnover figures exceeding 23 million euros and 400 employees. The Spanish subsidiary of AKKA Technologies continues its steady evolution which has been reflected in the recently presented International Group economic results.

We are very proud of the evolution achieved by the company in the last 3 years. The figures reflect the progressive growth of AKKA Spain at all levels: turnover, employees and customers. Today, more than 50 companies have placed their trust in us and we work daily to live up to their demands “, says Luis Santiago, Managing Director of AKKA Technologies in Spain.

Recently, the AKKA Technologies Group presented the economic results of 2016 with a turnover of 1122.7 million euros, which represents a 12% increase over the previous year. The report highlights the growth of several Group subsidiaries, including Spain, Italy, Benelux and the Czech Republic. “We are very satisfied with the work we have done and with the results obtained. Little by little, we are increasing the relevance of AKKA Spain within the Group and our strategy is to continue to progress to become one of the most competitive subsidiaries of AKKA Technologies, “says Luis Santiago.

The AKKA Technologies Group maintains its strategic pillars in the aeronautics, energy, automotive and industrial sectors and increases its evolution in the biotechnology sector or Life Sciencies and Ciber Seguridad. AKKA Spain works daily in these sectors with important customers such as Airbus, Talgo, Renault or Gamesa.

“The development of AKKA in Spain has historically been linked to the aeronautics sector where we continue to grow, however, it is especially important our development in the last three years in Energy, Rail and Automotive, where our growth is being exponential as corresponds with our determined will Of being a global engineering group, “concludes Luis Santiago.

About AKKA Technologies Spain

AKKA Technologies Spain provides engineering services in the aeronautics, rail, automotive and energy sectors. Accompanies its clients in the development of the different phases of their projects, from R + D + i and design studies, to industrial production.

The AKKA Technologies Group is made up of 12,000 employees worldwide and in Spain has 400 employees and headquarters in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Pamplona and Seville. Active in five strategic sectors: aeronautics and defense, rail, automotive, energy and industry; Its engineers work on projects at the forefront of technology worldwide, thanks to the international strength of the group and the mobility of their teams.

Akka Technologies counts in Spain with the trust of more than 50 clients and with a consolidated turnover of more than 20 million euros in 2015.