Discover the main differences between SEO and SEM

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SEO positioning or natural positioning in search engines: ‘SEO positioning is a marketing strategy that consists of optimizing the web pages to get appear in the first results in the main search engines like Google or Yahoo which consists of a strategy in the medium or long term. This technique optimizes the web and the different aspects that make up SEO positioning, ‘taking into account the algorithms of the major search engines. This is achieved not only in the first search results, but also to prevent the web from being penalized and thus losing the first results of the search engine ‘, explain from the company, which since its birth has experienced a growing trajectory.

To carry out a good SEO strategy you have to take into account: optimization of text and images, layout, original content, quality of links, usability of the web … in addition to choosing key terms to position, which Have little competition and a high number of monthly searches.

Time puts everyone in their place, and if you do SEO, a little higher. @carlosredondo

SEM or advertising in search engines

The SEM, also known as advertising or adwords consists of managing sponsored links in search engines.

‘With the SEM you are looking to get good search results through paid ad campaigns. It carries out a strategy in which the best keywords are chosen, a bid is made to occupy the first results and announce products or services in google for clients to access the web, ‘says Angel Carramolino, CEO of the company SeoEnUnClick.

To carry out an SEM campaign, a thorough study of the keywords with which you want the ads to appear. After choosing the keywords, you have to manage the ads and choose the landing page where the customers will go when they click.

Once the campaign is managed and implemented, it is necessary to monitor and monitor the investments and conversions generated.

The sole purpose of a business is service. The only purpose of advertising is to explain the service provided by a business, Leo Burnett.

Main differences between SEO and SEM:


SEO: the investment is less, it will have to make an initial investment for optimization and positioning and then simply a minimum investment for maintenance.
SEM: the investment is constant, if it is not paid, the ads are not published.


SEO: is a medium / long term strategy.
SEM: short-term strategy.


SEO: is best viewed by Internet users.
SEM: some users reject it for being publicity.


SEO: Slow. To change the SEO strategy or the keywords by which the web is positioned, a new strategy for positioning will have to be developed.
SEM: Fast. To change the SEM strategy, simply modify the ads and keywords.

Combining SEO and SEM

When planning a marketing strategy for a company, it is interesting to combine SEO and SEM campaigns to get better results. Visits and conversions generated by SEM campaign keywords should be used for SEO strategy.

“The combination of both strategies is fundamental, it will increase clicks to the web and reinforce the company’s corporate image,” concludes Carramolino, responsible for SEO and SEM SEO in a Click.