How to optimize your PC with Tuning PRO

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Windows updates and optimizations are essential to prevent malfunctions and keep your system safe. With more than 20 years of experience in developing tools for digital security, adding an optimization tool to its Windows product portfolio was a logical step for Steganos. With the launch of Steganos Tuning PRO software, the German company offers a simple and efficient way to optimize the PC to improve performance and keep it safe even for non-technical users.

Joachim Heng, CEO of Steganos, comments: “We are pleased to introduce Steganos Tuning PRO and expand our range of products for Windows. We believe that security and optimization tools should be available to all users, regardless of the level of computer skills they have. That’s why, as with our digital security programs, we developed Tuning PRO with an intuitive and easy-to-use experience.

How does Tuning PRO work?

Essentially, Steganos Tuning PRO is divided into three blocks: SmartCleaner, SmartTurbo and SmartUpdate. Each one of these functions allows to perform a series of tasks focused on improving the performance of Windows computers. In addition, it is possible to configure Autopilot mode to automatically monitor the system and suggest options for improvement. Within Autopilot, the user will have the option to perform the optimization with a click or activate the ultra fast mode, which automatically corrects power options, terminates unnecessary services and processes and optimizes processing priorities to achieve the best performance of the RAM. PC.


As the name implies, this function is responsible for the intelligent cleaning of the system, from file deletion to cleaning and defragmentation of the registry. The tasks that can be executed through SmartCleaner are divided into two blocks: automatic optimization and manual optimization. In both cases, the user can check the details of optimization suggestions offered by Tuning PRO before proceeding with intelligent cleaning.


SmartTurbo is responsible for optimizations of the Windows configurations. It includes options that allow you to improve the speed and performance of Windows when turning on and off, defragment the disk to speed up the PC and optimize Internet options to speed up the browsers used. As well as SmartCleaner, it also offers automatic and manual optimization options, depending on the level of interaction with the system resources that need to be optimized.


Many of the Windows operating errors are generated by outdated drivers or software. In addition, using old versions of programs and drivers can cause a serious problem for the safety of users. That’s why Tuning PRO includes the SmartUpdate tool, which allows you to keep updated drivers and programs easily. It also includes an uninstall wizard, a permanent file remover, a deleted file recovery and offers the possibility to delete browsing traces such as cookies, Internet history and temporary files.

Keeping your PC optimized has never been so easy. To know more about the program, visit the official website of Tuning PRO in Spanish. The program is available in 11 languages, including Spanish. Its trial version offers the full version features for 7 days. The full version has two versions: license for 1 PC or for 3 PCs.

About Steganos

Since 1996, Steganos has provided digital security software tools that protect and secure user data on and off the Internet. Steganos programs combine ease of use with the best encryption technologies. Steganos products are available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, English and French. More information about the company and its products are available on the website:


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