The Advantages of Buying a Desktop Computer

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When you are looking to buy a computer many wonder if it is better to buy a laptop or a desktop, both options are good but today we want to explain several advantages that we see from our point of view to desktop computers.

Generally most manufacturers offer two-year warranties on almost all internal components of the pc, this is a great advantage and must be taken into account.
Other advantages to note is that they are equipment that you can update in the future quite easily

It is important that you know the equipment purchased to know if the new updates will be compatible with your current components. In the web of the manufacturer you can consult all the compatibilities and also make them consultations.

Many of today’s computers have much more capacity than you need so look carefully the use you are going to give and do not waste money on buying a latest model of computer unless you are going to use it for real All the resources that are offered.

With the advances achieved during the last years, increased power and storage capacity and has also achieved great improvements in power consumption, temperatures or even noise level and size.


While laptops have many advantages especially in smaller size and portability, desktop computers are lower in price and come packaged with more features, have more multimedia options, newer processors and more options for the upgrade.

In conclusion if your computer is not going to move it from home, opting for a desktop is the best option.

Tecnomediapc’s range of desktops includes components from leading brands such as ASUS, Intel, Kingston, AMD … With a two-year warranty on all its components. Each component has its individual guarantee that can be managed independently.


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