The eight most decisive factors for Google in 2017

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SEO experts at Aeuroweb and Hostalia have compiled a list of ten SEO factors that they believe will be most influential in 2017. As Raquel Madrigal (Web Analytics Manager) explains Of Hostalia): “The organic positioning of a website can fluctuate and be penalized many times by the changes – about 500 a year – that Google performs in its algorithms. That’s why it’s important to implement a strategy and the right SEO tools that always take into account the latest updates. ”

The design adapted to the mobile will have better position in the search results and the content will remain the King. In fact since January 10, Google reduces the position of mobile sites that employ popups intrusively, as they make it difficult to read the content. But with the growing demand for videos a new factor comes into play: “YouTube is owned by Google. Therefore, there is no doubt that by improving SEO positioning on YouTube our videos will receive preferential treatment, “says Schnitman (Manager of Aeuroweb).

According to these experts companies should take into account eight points for the online positioning of their websites:

1. Constant content update: The most recent content, whether new, updated or the result of a user interaction, is rewarded with a better positioning. Above all, in the case of news searches, seasonal events and any information likely to be outdated. To highlight the importance of this factor, Google shows the date of the last update of a page.

2. Images with names and attributes: The title of the file, an alternative text and the quality and size of the image matter. The title of the image should be descriptive; Consider the keywords of the search, relate it with words from the text to which it accompanies. In addition, it should be short, clear and concise. “A common mistake is to use a numerical description, which does nothing,” says Schnitman. Avoid blurry, small or heavy images and use the most suitable formats for positioning; .jpg is the most used file type for photographs, .png for logos and .gif for animations.

3. Good use of grammar and spelling: Correction in language reveals the quality of the content and the professionalism of the brand. Check the texts and avoid automatic translations. In addition, it is a very important factor to take into account in the search of contents that demand precision as in the case of maps and locations, for example.

4. Simple navigation structure: Check if your web is simple to use. It measures the user experience: if it is easy to navigate the pages, if the texts read well, if it loads fast, if the colors and themes used are pleasant, etc. “The website should offer a current design and a simple structure,” says Raquel Madrigal.

5. Extensive information: The length of text matters and much, the more extensive and less superficial the better the positioning. A post with more than 1,000 words or an article of between 1,800 and 3,000 words is more likely to be linked than one that does not exceed 600, since offering more elaborate and informative content facilitates indexing to robots.

6. Responsive Design: Mobile optimization improves positioning. The American search engine penalizes from the last year to the nonresponsive websites in searches from mobile devices. Doantam Phan, Product Director at Google, said in November that while his search index would still be based on desktop and application websites, his algorithms will eventually use the mobile versions of the pages as the primary source for ranking the results. Something very useful in the case of Spain if we consider that the Smartphone exceeds in ten points the computer as a device to access the network, according to data from the latest study of the information society in Spain of Telefónica.

7. Positioning on YouTube: It is difficult to highlight your video among the millions on this platform, but being YouTube owned by Google, their robots also index videos and have long been displayed in the global search results. Design an eye-catching, multi-device channel, organize content with playlists that help subscribers find videos easily, give a detailed description and tag with keywords and terms related to your industry, for robots to find your content.

8. Natural link profile: A site with a “natural” link profile will rank higher and will last in time. It is important to gradually go with the links strategy. If you receive many links in a short time you can upload the online positioning of your website, but then Google can penalize you for perceiving it as unnatural to be in a short space


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