TooQ invites you to recharge the battery of love

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Apps and web pages to find a partner, applications to send messages of love, social networks to share the best moments together, filters to take photos and record romantic videos … in the age of love 2.0 electronic devices and smartphones are an essential part of Relationships with partners.

Conscious of that dependence and not to be hung this Valentine, TooQ, Spanish manufacturer of high technology products and leader in the manufacture of external boxes for hard disks, invites you to recharge the battery of the year of The hand of your USB chargers, external batteries.

Charge the battery of love easily

To avoid getting hung up and out of love, TooQ introduces its range of USB chargers. With the aim of helping users to load multiple devices simultaneously without the need for several chargers and reducing cable usage at home, TooQ proposes the TQWC-1S04 and TQWC-1S04WT USB Smart Chargers, with several USB ports. Which not only allow charging from two to four electronic devices but also detect the input current of the devices to maximize compatibility and loading speed. TooQ makes it easy and easy for all users of tablets, consoles, GPS, laptops, MP3s and phones to easily and simply charge their devices via a simple USB cable, exponentially reducing the number of cables that are commonly used by users’ homes. TooQ’s sleek new line of smart USB home chargers combine hands-on design with innovative AI control. It is a smart chip that detects the input current of the devices to maximize compatibility and loading speed (up to 2.4 amps per port).

Protect your most romantic memories

Made in the color of love, the cases for 2.5-inch external boxes and portable hard drives proposed by TooQ are shock-resistant, measures 160x115x45mm and weighing only 83 grams, which helps protect And carry your best romantic memories – photos, videos, movies, music … – to any place hand in hand a practical case to carry portable hard disks in a simple and safe.

The cases, which can be found in black and red at a recommended price of € 4.50 (VAT not included), protect the devices from knocks and falls because they are rigid, while its soft interior is designed to prevent The device will scratch. In addition, inside, they have a useful mesh net compartment to store and organize accessories and cables as well as an elastic strap that keeps the hard disk in place during transportation. In addition, these compact cases incorporate a high quality zipper that guarantees its durability over the years.

Extend the duration of your love

So that the call does not leave halfway or does not give you time to send the message, TooQ recommends equipping you with an external battery so that no device is left out of the house or in places where there are no outlets. TooQ proposes the 2600MAH TQPB-1A26-BL and TQPB-1A26-B external batteries, which allow you to charge any device quickly and easily through a 30 cm USB cable connection. Made with high quality 3A battery cells, it supports fast charge and discharge and battery charge cycles up to 600 times. In addition, it incorporates over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit, over-current and over-current protection and is compatible with virtually all USB devices with 5V input voltage, such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, GPS, MP3, MP4 or consoles. The battery is available in blue or black.


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