The bicycle, protagonist of the sustainable mobility

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With the conference entitled “The bicycle, protagonist of sustainable mobility” begins on Thursday, March 2 at the Municipal Center March 21, the first cycle of conferences organized by Ganemos Tres Cantos.

Through a series of conferences, which will be carried out in the course of 2017, we intend to initiate a process of study and analysis of mobility in our municipality and its implications for health and the environment. The objective is to develop those alternatives and solutions that allow us to advance in the criteria of environmental sustainability.

Transport is currently one of the main activities that has the greatest impact on our lives and our environment, consuming between 15% and 25% of the total energy expenditure.
The disadvantages of the current model, such as air pollution, excessive energy consumption, harmful effects on the health of the population or the saturation of traffic routes, have provoked a collective will to find alternatives and to move towards A new model of sustainable city.

The bicycle, which has always been present in our lives, has resurfaced in the streets to get healthier and healthier cities, to promote the pacification of traffic, to create higher levels of safety and to contribute to the sustainability of our environment. For all this we consider that Tres Cantos by its size, orography and urbanism, is an ideal municipality to travel by bicycle, and this, should be driven with active policies from the City.

For the development of this first day we will have Pedro Bravo, journalist and writer, who will moderate this first conference entitled “The bicycle, protagonist of sustainable mobility”. Javier Villalba, Head of the Regulatory Policy Unit of the DGT, will speak on “The normative framework in relation to sustainable mobility”. Next, “Cycling mobility in the cities” will be addressed by Álvaro Fernández Heredia, expert in urban mobility and cyclist, currently Managing Director of EMT Madrid. Finally, Santiago Abad de Ganemos Tres Cantos will present the manifesto “Tres Cantos city cyclable”, the document can be consulted at


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